MARTY ENTERPRISES LTD is a legal business entity and was registered on 8th September, 1991 under the registration No. 166106 of Business Names Act of the Republic of Kenya and was Incorporated on 26th August, 2005

Our Location

It is situated at Tom Mboya Street/Luthuli Avenue Junction, Victoria Court building Plot No. 209/20708 first floor Room B2. We also have new branches in Kigali (Rwanda)  and Arusha (Tanzania). The company Trade license number is 873765, Pin No.P051180974A and VAT.No.0154571N

Our Mission

Provision of a wide scope of quality products and services as we satisfy the customers demand


The company has well trained personnel in order to meet the standards expected by our wide clientele.

Delivery of Goods and Services

The company has its own vehicles for efficient delivery of goods and services.
These include; 
1 saloon car, 2 pick ups, a van and a Motorbike.

Terms of payment

We accept either cash or cheques in our transactions.


Our credit facility is offered up to 30 days.